Jake Pearce - Failure to do what they said - nearly cost me $1000

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When corporates use their "˜systems' to follow up on disgruntled customers – it makes the situation even worse.

Staying a night at The Holiday Inn nearly cost us $1000

This blog post shows the near outrageous lack of communication that so American corporates demonstrate if there is a problem – a total lack of communication meant we nearly missed our flight which would have cost us 1000's – their response – send us a survey.

We have been in America exploring the market for our new Advocate Platform. We stayed for one night at the Holiday Inn Express, near LAX. One of the Founders had to change his flight to Chicago and had not been able to print an e-ticket. You think that would be a simple thing to do. The new e-ticket was mailed to the front desk and we were assured by the manager it would be printed out in the morning before checking out – just assuring a smooth journey to Chicago. This is what actually happened:

1. The front desk said they had no awareness of the ticket at all.

2. They wanted to know who had been asked to print it out.

3. Since we didn't know it was our problem...

4. They had no comprehension of the implications of this – no e-ticket no flight...this is how the conversation went:

5. "You need to get your ticket"

6. "Yes that's what I'm trying to organise with you."

7. "Is there wifi here so I can get the ticket give you a USB stick and you can print it out?"

8. "There is wifi in your room but not here so you need to go to your room."

9. "Is it still free?"

10. "I don't know"

11. "Well could you look please!!!"

12. "So if I go to the room get the e-ticket, put it on a datastick you could print it out and I won't miss my flight."

13. " No I can't do that, I need to ask my manager and he's not here."

14. "So how do I get you to do what I've been promised would be done last night?"

15. Looks blank.

16. "Well who did they speak to" (Really what is being said here is – you are responsible and you are ***)

17. "The Manager...my wife spoke to the Manager"

18. "Which one...?"

19. "Sighs"..."Look how do I print this..."

20. "I suppose I could give you my personal e-mail...you could send it to me"

21. We did and we came back. She didn't know how to print anything from Adobe so we had to show her and download all her e-mail, find the e-mail ourselves and print it out.

22. We nearly missed the flight because of all of this mucking around.

And then we get this "Dear Valued Guest" survey. What do you think we should do readers? I will tell pissedconsumer.com

Review about: Holiday Inn Lax.

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